About Us

The mission of Official Anais Consulting is to provide business consulting services for the first generation entrepreneur, small business start-up and/or non-profit seeking to build a brand legacy.

Brand Development

We have the industry's best talent and graphic design, website development and marketing to help build your brand.

Legacy Building

What will you be remembered for? We have the knowledge and resources to help build a lasting legacy.

Business Development

We have the expertise you need to start and grow your business or social enterprise.


We support the following industries.



We have the experience to help you start and grow a nonprofit organization from the ground up. Let us help you spring into action with robust grassroots nonprofit development support.

Social Enterprises

Social Enterprises

We have a passion for connecting businesses to communities. We can help create meaningful connections with your community by developing your business as a social enterprise.

Small Businesses

Small Business

Our experts have over 25 combined years in small business development. From business development, to marketing and new customer growth – we have the expertise you need to start and grow your business.

Build your brand. Start a Legacy!

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